Meanwood Holdings Chairperson donates K100,000 to Chibombo Victims

26 March 2016 / By admin

Meanwood Property Development Company has donated K100 million to the over victims of the Chibombo bus accident.

The tragic incident claimed 51 lives with several others injured when a bus from Ndola heading to Lusaka collided with a South African truck.

Chief executive Robinson Zulu said the accident was too grave to leave the financial responsibility of those those affected to their families alone.

Zulu said it is saddening that the country has continued to lose many lives through accidents that can be avoided if care was taken on the road.

“We feel that this small contribution that we have made as a company will help in one way or the other to reduce the impact on the loss of life. You cannot value life; you cannot measure the value of life but this just a small gesture by our company to demonstrate that we are deeply touched by the loss of life as a result of that accident,” he said.

About 21 victims of the accident were put to rest during a mass burial at Mitengo Graveyard following a church service at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola on Monday attended by President Michael Sata and the First Lady.

SOURCE: Zambia Reports

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