Ndeke, Vorna, Kwamwena Water reticulation system up and at 100 percent

27 October 2017 / By admin

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) through the Millennium Challenge Account-Zambia embarked on the construction of new water supply networks in Lusaka Province to cover Ndeke Village, Vorna Valley and Kwamwena Valley, among other settlements. This was part of the wider Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Project. The project which started in 2015 is aimed at improving water supply, sanitation and drainage in selected communities within Lusaka Province and has a target reach of 1.2 million people.

The Vorna-Ndeke-Kwamwena sub-project plan covered the drilling of  about eighteen (18) boreholes in locations with high quality underwater aquifers, laying of a 190-kilometre water supply network, construction of a 30-meter-high 750 000 litre capacity concrete reservoir in Ndeke Village and an 800 000 litre capacity concrete ground reservoir tank at Kwamwena.

In a video press release, Millennium Challenge Account-Zambia Communications and Outreach Director Dr John Kunda, reported that the Contractor has made significant progress in the execution of the project. Construction of the Ndeke and Kwamwena reservoirs is complete, the systems have been tested and passed and in addition, lateral connections have been completed. Some Residents have already connected to the new water network.

Meanwood Property Development Corporation Limited (MPDC) is encouraging all Residents in the Ndeke, Vorna and Kwamwena housing developments to connect to the LWSC water supply that has come to a reality through the Millennium Challenge Account-Zambia funded by the American Government. Applications for connection attract a fee of K1,000.00 and can be made at any LWSC office either in Chongwe, Chelstone or at the Head Office on Katemo Road, Rhodespark.


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